Presidential Elections 2010 — detailed results


Bronislaw Komorowski will be the next President of Poland. He wins 53,01% of votes. Mr Kaczynski has 6% less. Komorowski, born 1952 is currently an Marshal of the Sejm (part of Polish parliament) and as such is currently an acting President of Poland (after Lech Kaczynski plane crash on April 2010). Now, he's also a President-elect of Poland. He will be officially sworn in as President in August 2010. As I have promised - below you'll find detailed results of 2010 Presidental Elections.

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Komorowski was the Polish Minister of Defense from 2000 to 2001. He was elected Marshal of the Sejm on 5 November 2007, having served as a vice-marshal since 2005. He is also a vice-chairman of the Civic Platform party. Wikipedia

Voting results depend on where you live. Not for the first time eastern part of Poland which is less developed and poorer (and called by Poles a 'Poland B' sometimes) votes for Law and Justice party and its leader – Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski. A reliable electorate of more liberal Bronislaw Komorowski from Civic Platform is a west part of Poland (so-called 'Poland A').

2010 Election results: votes by voivodeship

The election turnout wasn't too high, but it is also a feature of elections in Poland. It could be better. A little bit over half of eligible voters took part in the elections:

2010 Election results: turnout

Komorowski got the majority of votes among young people (below 45 y.o.). On the other hand more than a half of older people (over 45 y.o.) supports Jaroslaw Kaczynski:

2010 Election results: votes by age

People with secondary and higher education supports Komorowski. Kaczynski is much more liked by Poles with vocational and elementary education.

2010 Election results: votes by education

Moreover, people who live in small villages vote for Kaczynski, while Komorowski was totally safe in larger towns. He wins over 60% of votes in cities with over 500 thousand inhabitants (Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz & Poznan).

2010 Election results: votes by place of living