European cocktail from Poland Europe Day 2010


- I had asked myself, what in Europe do I like the most? And it turned out, that it must be an European mix. In Europe everything is mixed. (…) I had searched for a thing that could show it and this cocktail came to my mind - Maria Milenko, 22 years old graphics student from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, explains to Polish newspaper.

Maria won the competition organized by the European Commission for the poster promoting Europe, 'I love Europe'. The victorious project is now an official poster on the occasion of Europe Day - May 9, 2010. On that day in 1950, Robert Schuman put forward the proposal for a creation of united Europe. Maria Milenko's poster will be spread in all 27 countries of the European Union.

Preliminary selection of finalists, which a group of international professional graphic designers was responsible for, constituted the first stage of the competition. From the midst of 1700 works, 9 finalists were appointed: as many as four works from Germany, two from Italy and one each from France, Poland and Portugal. Internet voting was a consecutive stage (see website Competitions for Europe Day 2010 poster ended on January 31.

Maria's work presents letters forming a word 'Europe' as a colorful cocktail surmounted with a pink heart, referring to the competition motto 'I love Europe' (a la I♥NY). The poster depicts cultural and social diversity typical of Europe. A text placed under the cocktail emphasizes it: 'My favorite mix. Peoples. Places. Cultures'. The work of Maria and her participation in the competition were being intensively promoted by one of the biggest Polish web news portals,

The work of Polish student stands out with the simple form. In consequence sure associations with the so-called Polish School of Posters arise. Polish School of Posters is distinguished by showing large dose of content in a very simplified, succinct plastic form.

There was over 400 000 votes for Maria's work. The silver medal (with 150 000 votes) goes to Diana Jung from Portugal, while Martin Geier from Germany was third. I must admit that an inventive poster by Sabine Redlich from Germany was my personal favorite.

Congratulations everyone :)