Expert on puzzles recovers 200 000 dollars from banknotes shreds


I just read a story about Taiwanese Ministry of Justice "expert on puzzle" (is it a joke?) (her name is: Liu Hui-fen), who helped one man (Mr. Pan Lin) to recover his 200,000 Taiwanese dollars, accidentally destroyed. Clerk ... Hm ... let me rather repeat it again: Government's Expert on Puzzle - glued together all scraps in seven days. The money was destroyed when Mr. Lin accidentally dropped a bag full of banknotes into the crusher at the plastic factory. Lin sent his oeuvre to the Ministry of Justice, which offers free help with the repair of damaged banknotes. 30-year-old specialist Hui-fen fixed it all. She admits, however, that the task was 'difficult' and 'required patience'. The Central Bank of Taiwan admitted, that Lin's banknotes were reconstructed in 75%, and will be refunded.

What a message! I'm really impressed by Her dedication. I dare to believe that only Asians – know for their precision and care – can do such a work.

By the way maybe someone would like to buy some Polish banknote? Polish National Bank launches this gem:

Polish Zloty shreads. Available to buy for 50 PLN; "worth" 100 000 PLN.

Weighs about 1 kg. This is a briquette made from professionally destroyed Polish banknotes "worth" 100,000 PLN, you buy it for 40 PLN. I didn't know what for? To light the fire and impress your friends? :) But now it's different – want to have some fun, like Taiwanese expert on puzzle? It's net profit, invest 50, get 100,000. Isn't that an unemployment-problem-solver?

And by the way a few words about complaining – so so typical for many Poles. What do some of them write in the comments below the article on Taiwan's case? "In Poland THEY wouldn't help you. Have you destroyed your money? – it's your loss, you fool".

And what would 'this kind' of the Pole wrote, if the story happened in Poland? "EXPERT ON PUZZLE? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? How much does it COSTS? Our country is going DOWN, that is just where our GOVERNMENT ALREADY IS!! "

Have a nice day and watch out for your money :)