Giant Jesus Christ statue completed in Poland


Under construction for five years. Yesterday, the greatest monument of Jesus Christ in the world, was deemed OPEN. The statue has been created in a small Polish town - Swiebodzin. The giant King measures more than the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro. Although there was an accident two weeks ago – the crane crushed a foot of one of the builders - the construction ends with success.

The figure of Jesus measures 33 meters without a crown (Jesus was 33 years old when crucified), and his arm span is 24 meters. Weighs 400 tons. It's a life vocation of parish priest Sylwester Zawadzki.

Personally, I'm rather opposed to excessive dazzling by the faith and do not like exaggeration, but I can recognize that the monument testifies to a deep faith and dedication of people living in Swiebodzin. Indeed, catholic faith is a part of the so-called 'Polish soul', and Poland is constantly one of European countries, where church has a particularly strong position. I believe that, although this is not high art, the statue looks really good and quite aesthetic.

Parishioners from Swiebodzin believe that the statue will become a symbol of the city and that Polish pilgrimage tours will come. Is it going to happen? I do not know, but one thing is certain: Swiebodzin Jesus Christ provoked considerable stir in Polish newspapers, and today the statue, as an interesting curiosity is also mentioned in some foreign media, such as Die Welt, France 24, Daily Telegraph, La Republica, Forbes, New Zealand Herald, or Yahoo! News.

Swiebodzin is a small town in Lubusz Voivodeship (Lubuskie), with 22,000 residents. Located 70 km from the border with Germany. Old Slavic settlement with town privileges dating back to Middle Ages (year 1319).

12 photos - (last stage of construction).

Photo of Jesus Christ statue in Swiebodzin (after contruction).