Guy tries his hand in politics. Fails…


Politics is not a piece of cake. Being a politician requires a total insensitivity to criticism, and the skill of a long and seemingly intelligent expression, though in fact, without providing any factual content. I couldn't do this. But politicians are someone else. Many of them - men over fifty - cannot do anything else 'useful', feel cosy with what they do and enjoy their benefits.

Sometimes young people, whose education apparently prevents them from finding a decent job, try their hand in politics. Here's one of them and proves his oh so sincere intentions. The program comes from some small local TV station in the south of Poland and probably we wouldn't ever get to know it... but here is what the Internet does to people - bringing them to an unexpected and unplanned moment of fame :)

As you see, suit and spectacles is not enough to look smart and trustworthy. Standing for election? Man, at least read the local political agenda of your party. By the way, I really believe that, among politicians, there are some who are doing their job gratuitously for a so-called 'public good'.

And at the end - a little sarcastic picture :)

"In the parliament I always fight for the good of man. And that is the man."
by Andrzej Mleczko"