Workers too ugly to be shown?


In LG Display factory near Wroclaw at least ten workers were commanded not to appear at work for two days. Or come for the night shift instead. Reason? Mr Ung Yeu Jung, president of the company's headquarters in Korea, visits the plant, and Polish management decided not to expose him for the sight of not so comely employees.

- It has been suggested to us that we're too ugly and too old, to let the most important Korean in the company to look at us – Anna, almost in tears, says to 'Gazeta Wroclawska'. She does not give name, because she fears consequences. - I'm shocked. There have never been any complaints about my work, I was receiving bonuses. And suddenly this blow! – woman who is allegedly 'too ugly and too old' adds.

Zbigniew Miedzinski, personnel director at LG Display, admits that part of the crew were told to avoid a meeting with the Korean president. But he argues that managers wanted to get on the line as few workers as possible, and staff misunderstood the supervisor. - It's not about beauty or age, but about performance. Therefore we move less productive workers to other shifts.

Kazimierz Kimso from Lower Silesia "Solidarity" claims: - This procedure is a discrimination. LG Display will have to pay compensation to employees if the court will confirm allegations of discrimination. However, personnel director at LG Display Zbigniew Miedzinski assured company will apologize to women who have been transferred to other shifts, and move them back to their previous positions. Moreover, according to human resources director, the case is investigated and overzealous managers will be punished for arbitrary action against the company's rules.