Short video from Poznan (by Eurosport)


Here's a short movie about Poznan and its stadium, which is going to be an arena during 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (commonly referred to as Euro 2012). Poznan is one of the oldest and largest Polish cities (fifth in terms of population), and the capital of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland). Within the city there's a large road and rail hub and an international airport 'Lawica'.

Photo from Wikipedia (public domain).

Poznan was one of the centers of the Piast state in X and XI century. City also served as the capital of the country during Middle Ages. Poznan today is a big economic, scientific and cultural center. It is also a huge academic center with 141,3 thousand students and 25 universities. According to 2009 ranking by Przeglad (one of Polish magazines), Poznan is the best Polish city to live in.