Wild animals of Poland


On the territory of Poland several dozen thousand species of animals appear. About 40 species of animals are taken with a special concern, since they count below 100 specimens. Beautiful and dignified birds like the golden eagle, short-toed eagle and peregrine falcon are included. Amongst the fauna we can find species that appear only and exclusively on the area of Poland. These are called endemistic species (e.g. carpathian newt). In the area of Poland also some relict species are known, being remains from the past geological eras (e.g. European green lizard, Aesculapian snake, Tatra marmot and Speckled ground squirrel).

I would like to recommend you this nice, short movie - Dzika Polska, i.e. Wild Poland. This is an extract from the Polish television series made by Marcin Kostrzynski and Tomasz Klosowski. We visit the wildest nooks of Poland, being a good natural mark of this country. Wild Poland was a series of about 100 brief documentaries (2007-2009).

Unfortunately the quality of the following movie is quite awful. Nevertheless, I invite all of you to visit the Polish television website, where we can find and watch the documentary: http://www.tvp.pl/wiedza/przyroda/dzika-polska (in Polish; click 'zobacz wszystkie odcinki' to show all episodes).

Also, You might be interested in actions of the Wild Poland Foundation:

Wilderness is normally associated with tropical rainforests, vast savannas and the animal world of Africa, Asia or the Americas. Few of us know that exceptionally rich and interesting natural sites have also been preserved in Europe. (…) Many of these unique natural treasures have been preserved in Poland and its neighbouring countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Wild nature is one of the most valuable resources which Poland has contributed acceding to the European Union. At present Polish nature is also the heritage of all Europe. The Wild Poland Foundation Board; info@wildpoland.org http://www.wildpoland.org/
Beautiful photos by Wild Poland Foundation