Prof. Thompson: 'Poland has no friends'


Eastern Europe after 2010. Just like the Irish, Poles can count only on themselves. Portal Arcana published an interesting speech by Ewa Thompson - American literary scholar and professor at Rice University in Houston, editor of quarterly journal "The Sarmatian Review".

Prof. Thompson – assessing the situation of the region – states that:

"Obama's attempt to slaughter the interest of Russia at the expense of Central and Eastern Europe has failed, but the value of the so-called "shield" would be higher for Poland than the guarantees of England and France in 1939. (...) Counting on the American friends was and is a nonsense. Poland has no friends among the powerful countries and politicians of the world. As previously, the Irish, Poles can count only on themselves. Polish sympathies to the Polish diaspora weigh zero in American politics, because the diaspora does not exist politically. Poland was and is a pawn, without which the United States would be well since the fall of communism..."

Can we rely on the Polish membership in the European Union? Prof. Thompson claims that:

"It is better to belong to the EU than not to belong, but beign excited by the fact that prof. Buzek is the chairman of the EU Parliament, Mrs. X the EU ambassador to South Korea, and oscypki from Zakopane finally acquired the status of a unique product – is an expression of pre-school mentality".

Source (in Polish)