Wipeout – what a scam:) – one cup and… at least three winning teams


Uncanny entertainment program, Wipeout, was recorded in Argentina with four teams to be confronted: Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians and the combined forces of the Czechs and Slovaks. Their struggles have been transmitted in some national television channels in PL, UA, BE, CZ & SK. What was the surprise of viewers from all these countries, when in a few days after the end of Wipeout, they found that according to Polish television the challenge was won by Poles, in Ukraine Ukrainians took the first place, and Belarusian television showed Belarusian team being awarded… Don't know what television channels in Czech Republic and Slovakia announced? But it seems probable that it was their team who won a cup!

Poles won Wipeout but…
…Ukrainians did it too.
Belarussians also won – for sure, but I couldn't find a photo ;)
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