Emmy from Japan tries Polish sweets


Anonymous Pole, Adrian, sent to Japan a big package full of well-known Polish sweets. What was there: Ptasie Mleczko, Irysy, marzipan, Wedel's chocolates, Prince Polo, coconut candies, Zozole, plums in chocolate, trufle, sezamki and krowka. Emmy tried everything and assessed with the expertise. She's known for running a blog, and regularly eating what people send her. Apart from Polish sweets, she has already tasted other delicacies from Philippines, Canada and Australia, as well as some strange stuff: burgers in powder and beer for children... Well, it come to my mind that starting similar blog as a connoisseur of beers from all around the world would be a nice idea ;)

Second part (posted few days later):

And here comes some picture with a Polish bus, I've recently found on the Internet: