Frugo wants to be a Polish Coca-Cola


Frugo new owner wishes to make a beverage brand internationally. In the six months since the re-introduction of the drink on the market they have sold 80 million bottles.

FoodCare's decision to purchase and reactivate the brand was definitely great choice. Frugo drink, which celebrated triumphs in the mid-90s. Now, the company has achieved this result, focusing primarily on social media campaign and avoiding TV.

There are seven colors and flavors of Frugo currently on the shelves. The company goes with the brand Frugo and tries to combine it with other products from its portfolio like Gellwe jellies. FoodCare is also considering introducing Frugo energy drinks on the market, although the company already has an energy drink under the brand name Tiger.

Meanwhile, a new brand owner wants it to go beyond the Polish borders. Frugo is already sold in England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, the United States, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic countries.