More and more Polish beer goes abroad


In 2011, Polish beer export reached the highest level in history. Also within the country, Poles are drinking almost as much golden drink as Germans - well known for their great and everlasting love for beer.

According to preliminary data of Central Statistical Office breweries, that operate in Poland, sold beer abroad for about 101 million dollars. The biggest export market is Hungary and the Czech Republic, then Germany, Ireland, USA, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria and France. Breweries also produced more beer than in recent years (37.9 million hectoliters).

Annual sales of golden beverage per person in Poland amounted to more than 100 liters. This means that in terms of beer consumption Poles almost catch up with Germans, who drank an average of 103-105 liters per year. Year 2012 could be even better. Industry expects that the production and sale of beer will rise, but it all depends on the weather, which significantly affects the consumption.

In recent years, regional breweries got especially popular among Poles, who enjoy unique taste of beers produced on a medium scale, and not being back-uped by international corporations. There's rapidly growing group of customers looking for genuine quality beers. Large companies have also sensed the boom and start to fight for customers reaching for a premium beer, whose sales are growing five times faster than normal. But small, regional breweries do not give up. Some of them launch new brands and announce the expansion to the United States and Australia, athough unfortunately any detais are still unknown.

The forerunner of the renaissance of regional beers in Poland was Ciechan beer. Products of Ciechanow brewery already won all possible prizes at beer competitions and festivals (four times in a row Ciechan has been recognized in Poland as the beer of the year). Ciechan's non-pasteurized beer with a short shelf-life is particulary popular. In 2007 Ciechan sales doubled, and since then the brewery continues to grow steadily.