Oscypek – cheese from Polish mountains


The cheese made a great career in Poland. It is a product of the mountaineers, of which they are extremely proud. Nowadays, the sheep cheese has become one of the symbols of the Podhale region of Poland (Highlands).

Oscypek is a great addition to sandwiches, salads, and it tastes sensational as a stand-alone snack. Fried or cold, with its unique taste, oscypek makes a career in the highland kitchen. This unique cheese, in ancient times, was used as a means of payment. Guarded secrets of its production, and knowledge of the subject was passed down from generation to generation.

What renders oscypek so unique? The distinctive shape and flavor, slightly salty, it is the secret of success not only in the Tatra mountains, but also on other Polish tables. In fact, the only original oscypek is the one made in the mountains. Tatra is where oscypek originates from, and where it is smoked.

It tastes best when oscypek is bought in the hut, straight from the shepherd. The one still smelling of smoke. Oscypek has become one of the most important tourist products in the Highlands. Krupowki – the main street in Zakopane, which in turn is a major town in Polish mountains – are facing today a number of stalls, which sell effects of the work of Highlanders. These cheeses can be purchased also in numerous huts, scattered on mountain valleys.

Oscypek also has its own party - one of the best in the entire Podhale – the festival of Oscypek and cheeses of other kinds. One of the highlights of this event is a competition for the best tasting sheep cheese dishes.