Tables of Conjugation of Polish Verbs —
22,000 conjugated forms

Tasting Poland provides unique free grammar reference – a set of 474 fully conjugated Polish verbs, in user-friendly tables. Present Tense + Imperfective and Perfective Aspects of Past, Future, Conditional and Imperative; conjugated in all persons & genders. You don't need to have a deeper understanding of Polish grammar. No pattern-of-conjugation-only reference – what's quite bothersome, especially when you're still green. The tables below show all the proper forms. Just use them! :)

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Regardless of the first letter of an infinitive, future tense forms (beginning with 'będę...', 'będziemy...' etc.) are listed under the letter B, while imperative forms (with a word 'niech') are listed under N.

Some verbs will look the same when diacritical marks are OFF, e.g. both żądać (to demand) and zadać (to ask) transform into zadac.

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obal obal obala obala obalacie obalacie obalaj obalaj obalaja obalajcie obalajcie obalajmy obalajmy obalali obalali obalaliby obalaliby obalalibyscie obalalibyscie obalalibysmy obalalibysmy obalaliscie obalaliscie obalalismy obalalismy obalal obalal obalala obalala obalalaby obalalaby obalalabym obalalabym obalalabys obalalabys obalalam obalalam obalalas obalalas obalalby obalalby obalalbym obalalbym obalalbys obalalbys obalalem obalalem obalales obalales obalalo obalalo obalaloby obalaloby obalaly obalaly obalalyby obalalyby obalalybyscie obalalybyscie obalalybysmy obalalybysmy obalalyscie obalalyscie obalalysmy obalalysmy obalam obalam obalamy obalamy obalano obalano obalano by obalano by obalasz obalasz obala obala obala obalcie obalcie obale obale obali obali obalicie obalicie obalili obalili obaliliby obaliliby obalilibyscie obalilibyscie obalilibysmy obalilibysmy obaliliscie obaliliscie obalilismy obalilismy obalil obalil obalila obalila obalilaby obalilaby obalilabym obalilabym obalilabys obalilabys obalilam obalilam obalilas obalilas obalilby obalilby obalilbym obalilbym obalilbys obalilbys obalilem obalilem obaliles obaliles obalilo obalilo obaliloby obaliloby obalily obalily obalilyby obalilyby obalilybyscie obalilybyscie obalilybysmy obalilybysmy obalilyscie obalilyscie obalilysmy obalilysmy obalimy obalimy obalisz obalisz obalmy obalmy obalono obalono obalono by obalono by obejrzal obejrzala obejrzalaby obejrzalabym obejrzalabys obejrzalam obejrzalas obejrzalby obejrzalbym obejrzalbys obejrzalem obejrzales obejrzalo obejrzaloby obejrzaly obejrzalyby obejrzalybyscie obejrzalybysmy obejrzalyscie obejrzalysmy obejrzano obejrzano by obejrza obejrzeli obejrzeliby obejrzelibyscie obejrzelibysmy obejrzeliscie obejrzelismy obejrze obejrzy obejrzycie obejrzyj obejrzyjcie obejrzyjmy obejrzymy obejrzysz obieca obiecacie obiecaj obiecaja obiecajcie obiecajmy obiecali obiecaliby obiecalibyscie obiecalibysmy obiecaliscie obiecalismy obiecal obiecala obiecalaby 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