Stunning growth in demand for Polish food in the UK


Journal "Daily Mail" reported on the success of Polish food in the British Isles. The demand for Polish food grows for years, and reaches its peaks – currently, Polish food becomes the most popular ethnic cuisine among residents of the United Kingdom.

The information was provided by Tesco which leads in sales of dishes of different nationalities. Polish products were introduced on Tesco shelves about half a year ago, and its sales grew 10-fold from that moment. Tesco decided to introduce yet more Polish dishes at their 150 U.K. stores. A significant increase in sales is related to thousands of Poles who now live in England, but Polish food has also a growing crowd of admirers among the indigenous population.

Polish grocery   Polish goods
Left: small Polish grocery in Brixton, London (by hugovk);
right: some Polish goods (by Matt).

As for the Polish desserts – Ptasie Mleczko is a bestseller. Among other foods Polish pea soup with pork and sausage (grochowka) is especially popular, followed by klopsiki in tomato sauce (meatballs), pickled vegetables and Polish mustards. However, it is worth mentioning that the bestseller list reflects not so much the popularity of specific dishes, but their availability as ready-made meals.

Tesco is currently expanding their offer of Polish goods from foods in cans and jars to fresh imported meat and Polish bread. New deliveries of fresh Polish food come to the UK every week. Tesco manager for ethnic dishes, Elena Connel, says that the demand for Polish food is so stunning, that it becomes the most desirable ethnic food ever introduced to the British market.

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